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Sunday, 15 May 2011

How To Hire The Servant In Home

Dear Reader
After watching today’s crime time, it is very difficult to choose a good servant or maid servant for our home. Because Every day we read in news paper that servant killed his owner for money, maid servant kidnapped the child of her owner for money. Servant theft the money, gold or car of his owner etc. after watching such kind of news in television and news paper we are so worried and scared about the right selection of servant for our own house, And this tension is right also, because due to human nature every one scare from any kind of loss in his life, But you should not worry about this, because I am writing some effective tips in this article for you, which is very helpful for perfect selection of any servant or maid servant for your own house, by which you can protect your money, child, and life etc from your servant. So please consider some important tips which are written below regarding the selection of any servant—
1.  When ever you hire any servant then remember ever,
     he should  be adult and he should be at least 18 
     years old, because hire to any under 18 years old servant
     is one kind of crime according law.
2.  When ever you keep any servant or any maid servant in
     your  home then hire the servant only by a registered 
     agency of your city and country, who provide such 
     kind of service to people on his own responsibility and 
     guarantee. If this is not possible for you then keep the
     servant in your home through the reference of your
     closest person only, to whom you know very well 
     from a long time. 
3.  When ever you keep any servant in your home then at that
     time please verify his home address, and all original 
     documents of his identity like—his voter card, ration
     card, driving license, passport etc. and after verify his 
     documents keep a photo state copy of his identity proof
     in your home.
4.  If you are going to hire any servant for your home 
     or your business, then remember he should not be very 
     much old by age, mean he should be fit physically for 
     finish your every work and apart this he should be 
     average educated so that he can understand well your 
     task and communication.
5.  If you are going to hire any servant In your home or 
     business then please submit his all identity proof's 
     photo state copy into the local police station of your 
     city so that if your servant does  any crime then you may 
     be safe there from any police investigation.
6.  Dear Reader after hiring any servant in your home or 
     business please never open the secretes of your family 
     and business front of them and never do any financial 
     transaction front of your any servant, and apart this never
     tell them about your banking schedule. other wise you 
     may be cheat any time by your servant.
7.  After hiring any servant in your home you should not leave
     him alone at your home, mean if you are going some where
     then you  should lock your home completely but not leave
     your servant alone at your home, because today is crime
     time and never forget that 70% servant are cheater they
     are looking a chance for cheat you every time. 
Dear Reader 
Now If you use all these seven steps at the time of hiring any servant or after hired any servant in your home and business then I am dam sure you can protect your money, child, and your precious life from your cheater servant. So never forget all these seven steps at the time of hiring any servant.

Thanks for read this.
Written by--- Yogesh Kumar


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